Your car will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out of dirt and road filth at a car detailing service by experts using specialised tools.

Most professional detailing services will handle the paint on your automobile in a three step process that cleans, corrects, and preserves the paint surface because it is a highly sensitive material. In order to maintain the paint and enhance its sheen after this is complete, the paint may need to be polished to eliminate any swirl marks and minor scratches.

Paint Care

Along with the outside, your car's chassis and underbelly need to be cleaned. This encompasses not just the area directly beneath the vehicle but also the area inside the wheel wells and all around the main suspension parts, such as the control arms and antiroll bars.

Chassis and Wheels

Many detailing services will apply a polishing compound to oxidised headlights and taillights, but properly sealing them afterwards with a plastic sealant is critical. Chrome trim should be cleaned, and any vinyl or plastic trim should be protected to prevent cracking and fading.

Headlights, Taillights and Exterior Trim

Interior detailing should at the very least include a thorough cleaning of all carpeting and seating surfaces.

Interior Detailing

The engine compartment should be lightly misted with water, then cleaned with a suitable degreaser and rinsed clean. All silicone, plastic, and rubber components should be properly dressed after drying to prevent cracking.

Engine Bay

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