Advantages of Interior Car Detailing

Professional detailing regularly protects the interior of the car and keeps it looking newer for longer. Cleaning inside surfaces isn’t enough. To really preserve the ‘”as new'” appearance, a car interior detailing is imperative.

Depending on the detailer service, there’re different ways to do interior car detailing. However, the standard process includes the following steps:

Interior Detailing

The first step of interior detailing car involves vacuuming seats, headliners, rear cargo space, shelf, and trunk. For the areas that can’t be reached using a vacuum, an air compressor can be used


It’s used to clean mats and carpets. Detailed scrubbing is performed on the mats to remove any stains and blemishes accumulated over time. To be more efficient, a steam cleaner is convenient for that purpose.

Brushing and steam cleaning

A glass cleaner is used to clean the glass. With the cleaner glass stays sparkling and ensures the driver’s view remains clean

Glass cleaning

Re-vacuuming is important as vacuuming. Any dirt left in the interior will be removed by re-vacuuming.

Re-vacuuming and wiping

Dashboards and windows should be wiped with a clean cloth applying a cleaning detergent


At the end of the process, perfuming is done in order to leave the vehicle with a good scent.


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