Ceramic Coating Maintenance - What You Need to Know

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer layer that’s applied by hand to your car. When applied, it hardens and forms into a thin glass-like layer that gives it a shiny appearance. It protects the vehicle from most harmful elements, such as heat, water, dirt, and dust.

Ceramic coating is an exceptional product, but some people actually think that it’s the peak of vehicle protection. This misconception can create disappointment when it is discovered that ceramic coatings still have limits.

Why Maintenance Is Important

“Ceramic Coatings Prevent All Scratches”

Ceramic coatings may be a protective layer, but again: they are extremely thin. If something gets past the coat, then it can still scratch the paint of your car. For this reason, it is essential that you still take good care of your vehicle and spend the time to routinely check your ceramic coating.

However, if you don’t routinely clean your vehicle, then there will be a build-up of contaminants on the vehicle’s surface. This will begin to inhibit the coat’s hydrophobic properties and lessen the shine of the coat itself.

“Ceramic Coatings Are Self-Cleaning”

Additionally, ceramic coating can wear off faster if you drive your car on more rural roads where debris and gravel is more common. Ceramic coating can also be impacted by incorrect washing techniques such as the use of harsh chemicals and stiff brushes as well as constant exposure to the elements.

“Ceramic Coatings Are Indestructible”

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