A full detail, as the name implies, covers all non-mechanical components of your vehicle, including the tyres and wheels, exterior paint, chrome trim, interior surfaces, seats, and carpets. 

Exterior Paint Care

The paint on your vehicle gets the most attention during a full detail. The exterior is first pressure washed to remove dirt and then hand-dried.

Exterior Accents Cleaned

Exterior surfaces are cleaned and protected during a full detail. Rubber or vinyl may be sealed with a plastic sealant, and chrome accents may be polished.

Wheel and Tyre Detailing

A full service detail will completely restore your vehicle's wheels, removing these tough stains and polishing the chrome, steel, or aluminium.

Interior Surfaces Cleaned

This service includes all interior surfaces such as the dashboard, entertainment console, door interiors, under the seats, and any other surface.

Leather Seats, Surfaces Restored

Any leather surfaces in your vehicle will be cleaned and conditioned during an interior detailing. This will aid in restoring the leather's natural lustre.

Carpet Deep Cleaning

A full service detail restores the carpets by beginning with a thorough vacuuming. The carpets are then shampooed and deodorised.