Are you looking for advice on how to restore your car to like-new condition? Are you sick and weary of wasting money on ineffective auto detailing products? So, we will cover every aspect of expert car detailing here.

Clear Water Rinse Before Washing To remove as much dust and dirt as possible, professional detailers always begin with a clear water rinse.

Use the Right Soap For professional car detailing, a car detailer will use car wash soap, such as Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash.

Forget the Sponge, Use a Microfiber Mitt Sponges have large pores that capture and hold dirt and grit. The grit will not come out if you wring it out.

Use Two Buckets One bucket should be used for clean soapy water and another for rinse water. Dip your dirty wash mitt in the rinse water bucket after each wipe.

Remove Minor Scratches Before Polishing You can get even more shine by first removing the scratches with a scratch removal kit and then polishing.

Buy a Dual-Action Polisher Buffers operate at much higher speeds and can burn the paint right off your car if you stay in one place for an extended period of time or press too hard.