Pricing can be a difficult concern when it comes to RVs. It seems that there is no general rule due to the many variables of RVs and their owners, and often ends up being a buffet-style process. The below is RECON’s general detail packages for RVs:

Full Exterior RV Package

RV – $3.50/Per Linear Ft

Package Includes:

  • Full wash including scrubbing down roof top (does not include any slide-out sections of RV)
  • Blowing off excess water from all seams
  • Cleaning wheels
  • Degreasing tires
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Dress tires

Add-Ons For Full Exterior RV Package:

  • Bug removal (If needed from road trips) $50.00-$75.00 extra is typical

*Prices may vary based on size and condition of RV

full exterior rv package

RV Wash and Wax Package

RV – $10/Per Linear Ft
Great for anyone looking to simply get an RV washed and waxed.

Package Includes:

  • Includes Full Exterior RV Package Items (as listed above)
  • Wax all sides, front, and rear end using synthetic polymer sealant

Add-On For RV Wash and Wax Package:

  • Washing and waxing all slide-out sections add $75.00

*Prices may vary based on size and condition of RV

*Price will vary for oxidation removal

rv wash package

RV Siding Scratch Removal

RV – By Quote Only
Typically costs $25 – $150


Many find they have incurred some scratches during their travels in one form or another. Much can be done with a buffer and the right polishes to remove, or diminish the appearance of scratches. This is by quote only and can be added to the service we are already performing. An additional charge of $25.00 to $150.00 is a typical scenario for these types of scratches.

rv siding scratch removal

RV Tire Degreasing

RV – By Quote Only
Typically costs $5 – $10 per tire


Just like cars, many RV’s will accumulate an excessive build-up of tire dressing on the tires. This is due to repeated applications of tire dressing without fully removing the dirt and old layer of dressing each time. Price will be based on thickness of build-up. $5-$10.00 per tire.

rv tire degreasing

RV Wheel Polishing

RV – By Quote Only
Typically costs $20 per wheel


If you have aluminum wheels these can be acid washed first for complete removal of all water spots and brake dust, and then hand/machine polished to restore shine. $10-$20.00 per wheel

rv wheel polishing

RV Slide-Outs

RV – $75
Includes up to 4 slide outs


Many motorhomes, diesel pushers, 5th wheels, etc. have slide-outs that add additional time and effort to any of the above services. If you would like all the same care and attention to these slide-outs, there will be a surcharge as noted in the above pricing: $75.00 per RV (includes up to 4 slide-outs)

rv slide outs